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Gothing it up

So, we went to the Inferno on Saturday and took Paul. He let me play Barbie and dress him up. He should have known better, but everyone involved had a great time. A lot of drinking. A lot of laughing. And, oh yeah, PICTURES!Goth-tastic!Collapse )

It's finally happened

I finally convinced Paul to let me dress him up and take him to the inferno after we went to State Fair yesterday, so I was hoping to get input from others who would be excited to go with as to what day they would like to take a trip out there. Let me know what you think about the idea. Mostly, it will just be the most fun thing ever, so don't miss out!!!

Jul. 23rd, 2008

is excited to be able to use Ping.fm to update all of her statuses

oh, and paul and i are going to see stone temple pilots on my birthday. i am pumped!!!!!!

I am now a Public Affairs and Education Technician with the US Army. I make $30,000 a year with benefits and I am so HAPPY!!!!!!!

Anyway, that means I start working full time March 3 and I will be moving out to my own place as soon as I have a few paychecks and find a place to settle down. Very exciting. I am finally a grown up!!

im not dead, i swear

well, i graduated. isn't that exciting?!

not really, it just means that i have given up all of my freedom and privacy to go live at home with my family. the job situation is interesting. I have a million and one applications out and still no takers. doesn't look too good, but i am overwhelmingly optimistic. the sooner i get a job, the sooner i can get my own apartment and get the hell out of my parent's clutches.

as for the rest of life, i am presently over at my friends mike and pooch's place, which is a fairly frequent occurrence now that i am minus substantial me space. the life of a squatter is interesting, but nothing i plan to take up full time. the relationship front is still crummy, as per usual. i went out to eat and then to a small party with paul a few days ago. it was sincerely awkward, which just reminded me why that whole thing is over in the first place. my newest "i like you" interest is sleeping next to me right now as i type on his laptop while sitting on a pillow on the floor. what's up with us? i have no idea. another situation of a very nice young man who may in fact just be being a little too nice to me and not telling me what he does and doesn't want. my guess, he DOES want space and he DOESN'T want me. c'est la vie. i assure myself that one day someone will be able to look upon me as a desirable proposition. until then, fuck em.

christmas and graduation netted the expected results. money, a few gift cards, some sweaters, and various other things. i only did presents for the people who were actually worth my time, effort and money this year. it feels good. im out of counseling and off all meds. i like the idea of that sticking, but my family brings out the worst in me so i will probably be right back in counseling soon. i hate it really, but what are you going to do. the friend situation has been interesting since moving back home. many people who came back for christmas break and said they would like to hang out lied. those who didn't i had a great time with. whitewater people are just that, destined to stay in whitewater. obviously excusing people who have just returned here, no one takes the time of day to come out to milwaukee. they just expect me to come to them. that is an expectation i constantly deal with. i need some better friends. ones who are willing to put effort into seeing me. people who don't mooch constantly or make me feel bad in some neurotic way. josh has been a big help, seeing as how we moved about 2 miles away from each other now, so i can always run over and chill there, when the little lady isn't around.

bad habits are in the process of being broken. i need to grow up a little, but only because of the job thing. and the money thing. i don't want to quit anything. i like the way that my habits function within the fucked up scheme of things. i'm hoping to hear from people in chicago about a job next. it looks to be the most promising one yet, but i have no idea what will end up happening with it. guess i will just hope now. we'll see how the next few weeks treat me. until then, be well.

Nov. 14th, 2007

life is all one hectic mess right now. trying to get through school and i have like 5 weeks left! 

just for emphasis

anyway, life has been pretty decent. single and liking it. i am getting things done. i am working pretty hard. i could use a break, heh. but i guess thats what thanksgiving is for. finishing up my advertising commercial was a blast since i have no artistic ability. everything was drawn in stick figures. i hope that doesnt effect my grade too much, lol. 

thats about it. i guess i will update when there is more to say!
there are many reasons why i love my downstairs neighbor josh

the types of conversations we have may be one reason

and i got a taco!!
 I have a survery that I would really appreciate you guys taking and sending to everyone you can. We need lots of ages and demographics. The link is below, its for my Advertising Campaigns class. Please let people know and fill it out. I greatly appreciate it.



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